Ancient Egyptians invented mummification to preserve bodies for life after death because it was important that the dead find his or her body in the underworld.

In ancient Egypt there were 3 kinds of mummification according to the financial class of the deceased.

The 1st type is the most expensive (for kings, queens, royal family and so on).

The 2nd type cheaper (for priests and rich people).

The 3rd type very cheap for ordinary people who can afford it.

The first and main type starts with inserting a special hook into the nose and pulling out parts of the brain, then removing all the internal organs and drying them. They then place the lungs, intestines, stomach and liver inside Canopic jars and place the heart back inside the body because the heart is used in the last judgment. They placed on the heart a scarab with the name of the dead person, covered the corps of Natron (salt) for 70 days to completely dry out all the fluids. After 70 days they wrapped the body with linen and put it in the coffin. If the person had been a Pharaoh, he would be placed inside his special burial chamber with lots of treasure!

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