Myth of ancient Egyptians calender


Myth of goddess Nut and god Geb

Nut the goddess of the sky and cosmos was in love with god Geb the god of the earth. They used to meet at the end of the day, that’s why it becomes dark every day, but every time they meet they should get permission from the king of gods Amon Ra. Once they met without permission and Amon Ra knew about it, so he ordered them to be separated and not to meet anymore. Nut and Geb became very sad and they asked Tut for help, Tut asked Amon Ra to forgive them, but he said that he had already ordered so and that he couldn’t change his order, it’s too late. Tut said “I have a good idea, you are the king of gods 365 days a year, you have 5 days a year as vacation and they can meet in these 5 days when you are not on duty, so you will not change your order, they can meet, and these 5 days will not be calculated in the days of the year.” So ancient Egyptians had 360 days in their calendar and 5 days’ feasts when the sky and the earth meet.

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