Myth of goddess Sekhmet

Sekhmet is the goddess of destruction and healing at the same time, once Amon Ra was angry because mankind didn’t obey him and worship him because some people started a revolution against him and all people follow them. He decided to punish mankind, he sent the goddess Hathor in the image of a lady with lion’s head by the name of Sekhmet to destroy everything and kill the revolutionaries. she prevailed and destroyed everything on the earth. She won the war, but Amon Ra wasn’t a cruel god, when he saw the carnage he became regretful and ordered her to stop, but she was in a blood lust and she wouldn’t listen. He asked god Tut the god of wisdom to move to save mankind, Tut waited until she fell asleep and created a lake nearby of beer, red wine and pomegranate juice. Sekhmet woke up and thought that it was blood, she drank so much, she became drunk and slept for 3 days. When she woke up the blood lust had dissipated and she returned to Amon Ra as the goddess Hathor.

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